Current Competitions

2018 Singles (Brian Pasmore Cup)

Final Result

Jarno Seegers bt. Steve Wallace

Semi-Final Results

Jarno Seegers bt. Dustin Handcock
Steve Wallace bt. Ian Whiting

Quarter-Finals Results

Jarno Seegers bt. Daz Cubbage
Dustin Handcock bt. Garry Bettis
Ian Whitling bt. Jerry Barnwell
Steve Wallace bt. Nick Pritchard-Gordon (bye)

Round 2 Results

Daz Cubbage bt.. Robert Whale
Jarno Seegers bt. Gary Worth
Garry Bettis bt. John Davis
Dustin Handcock bt. Mel Davis
Jerry Barnwell bt. Nick Bartlett
Ian Whitling bt. Glene Sandom (-21)
Steve Wallace bt. Matt Gingell
Nick Pritchard- Gordon bt. Des McGovern

Round 1 Results

Daz Cubbage bt. Mark Goodchild
Robert Whale bt. Nick Craig
Jarno Seegers bt. Jeremy Mai
Gary Worth bt. Howard Cooke
Garry Bettis bt. Tim Wilson
John Davis bt. Colin Johnson (-7) (bye)
Mel Davis bt. Jeff Carter
Dustin Handcock bt. Keith Davis
Nick Bartlett bt. Colin Blakely
Jerry Barnwell bt. Alex Pop
Ian Whitling bt.. Graeme Blythe
Glene Sandom (-21) bt. Chris Goddall-Smith
Matt Gingell bt. Tony Bartlett
Steve Wallace bt. Ed Grantham
Nick Pritchard- Gordon bt. Anthony Taylor
Des McGovern bt. Kieran Cubbage



2018 Doubles (Mike Gosling Cup)

Final Result

G. Sandom / D. McGovern bt. J Newton / J Gosling

Semi-Finals Results

J. Newton / J. Gosling bt. D. Handcock / J. Carter
G. Sandom / D. McGovern bt. D. Cubbage / K. Cubbage

Quarter-Final Results

J. Newton / J. Gosling bt. J. Barnwell / J. Seegers (-7)
D. Handcock / J. Carter bt. T. Moul / M. Gingell
G. Sandom / D. McGovern bt. N. Bartlett / T. Bartlett
D. Cubbage / K. Cubbage bt. C. Johnson / N. Pritchard-Gordon

Round 2 Results

J. Newton / J. Gosling bt. G Bettis / C Goodall-Smith
J. Barnwell / J. Seegers (-7) bt. G. Worth / I. Whitling (-21)
T. Moul / M. Gingell bt. G Blythe / C. Blakely
D. Handcock / J. Carter bt. T. Wilson / T Pritchard- Gordon
N. Bartlett / T. Bartlett bt. E. Ellis / B. Guy
G. Sandom / D. McGovern bt. S. Peterson / A. Taylor
D. Cubbage / K. Cubbage bt. R. Whale / J. Labarte
C. Johnson / N. Pritchard-Gordon bt. S. Wallace / D. Matthews

Round 1 Results

G. Bettis vs. C. Goodall-Smith bt. J. Davis / K. Davis
N. Bartlett / T. Bartlett bt. J. Stalker / M. Gorman

2018 Wellavize Cup

Final Result

Anthony Taylor bt. Graeme Blythe

Semi-Finals Results

Anthony Taylor bt. Colin Johnson
Graeme Blythe bt. Ed Grantham

Quarter-Final Results

Colin Johnson bt. T. Bartlett
Anthony Taylor bt. Chris Goodall-Smith
Ed Grantham bt. Colin Blakely
Graeme Blythe bt. Mark Goodchild

Round 1 Results

Tony Bartlett bt. Alex Pop
Colin Johnson bt. Kieran Cubbage
Anthony Taylor bt. Jeff Carter
Chris Goddall-Smith bt. Chris Goodall-Smith
Colin Blakely bt. Howard Cooke
Ed Grantham bt Jeremy Mai (bye)
Mark Goodchild bt. Nick Craig (bye)
Graeme Blythe bt. Keith Davis

As these are Club competitions, entrants must be members to be eligible to play. Please ensure that you have paid your subscription for the present year.

The first-named player must contact the second-named player before the closing date of the round, or risk elimination. DON’T LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST WEEK!

Round Must finish by Round Must finish by
1st Round 31st October 2018
2nd Round 22nd December 2018 1st Round 22nd December 2018
Quarter-finals 1st February 2019 Quarter-finals 1st February 2019
Semi-finals 15th March 2019 Semi-finals 15th March 2019
Finals night* TBD Finals night* TBD

*This date is to be determined. We may also need to hold finals over more than one evening.

Address any questions to Glene Sandom ( or 07917 354689).

.  All matches, including finals, will be the best of 3 frames.  The player whose name is uppermost is to make contact with his opponent and agree a date and time for the match.  Dates and times of matches should be written on the board in the bar at least 3 days before the match.  No more than two matches may take place at any one time.  Last year’s singles winner carries a handicap of 21 points per frame, and the runner-up a handicap of 7 points per frame.  If doubles winners play as the same pair, then the winning pair will also carry a 21 point handicap.

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