Wargrave Snooker Club News

New table booking system

During the Covid-19 epidemic, we require that tables (both snooker tables and bar drinking tables) are booked in advance using the online booking system to be found here: https://wargrave-district-snooker-club.reservio.com/

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Wargrave Snooker club is in the new edition of the Good Beer Guide

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LAG Finals Photos

The LAG final was rightly contested between the top two players in the league, Jeff 'All Talk' Carter and Dustin 'Isleworth Slim' Handcock, after they eliminate Random Sandom  and Cole Thunder respectively in the top four playoffs.  The final was a little cagey...

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Beers coming soon…

Here is a list of current beers on tap, and what is coming up. Phipps: Red Star (3.8) - Current Wild Weather: Big Muddy (3.8%) - Current. Ilkley: Mary Jane (3.5%) - Next Dorset Brewing Co.: Great Expectations. (3.7%) Electric Bear: Persuasion (3.8%) Hop Stuff:...

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Competitions Update

The Competitions are getting to the final stages and the line up are as follows: Singles: Nick P-G vs A. Taylor G. Sandom vs D. Hancock Doubles: Whale & Labarte vs McGovern & Sandom J. Carter & D. Hancock vs T. Bartlett & N. Bartlett Wellavize: R....

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