The LAG final was rightly contested between the top two players in the league, Jeff ‘All Talk’ Carter and Dustin ‘Isleworth Slim’ Handcock, after they eliminate Random Sandom  and Cole Thunder respectively in the top four playoffs.  The final was a little cagey between the top guns (and rightly so), with Dustin prevailing as the winner on the pink.  I’m pleased to report that Jeff kept the chat to minimal levels during the matches;

Winner of the LAG 2016/2017 = Dustin ‘Isleworth Slim’ Handcock

Runner up of the LAG 2016/2017 = Jeff ‘All Talk’ Carter

The top ten players outside the top four in the league, who were available on the night, played the big money killer game.  The game came down to three players; the Bald Eagle, GAS and No Leave.  Graeme was eliminated first, which left Tony and Steve to battle it out.  Eventually Steve utilized his strategic thinking to win the match, but it wasn’t without controversy! Tony conceded to Steve whilst his black ball had one life left; the crowd voiced their views and eventually Steve killed off Tony to conclude the match and win the big prize (£95);


Prize winner of Killer Game 1 = Steve ‘No Leave’ Wallace

The last game of the night was the pure Gentleman’s game, ensuring all nine remaining players were killers before lives were removed and all players were on 1 life before the first person was killed; unfortunately this infamous LAG recognition fell to Tim ‘That’ll Cut’ Wilson.  That left the Dazzling Daz (still don’t know how he remained in the bottom half of the table this season!) to winner the second cash prize of the night (£60)

Prize winner of Killer Game 2 = ‘Dazzling’ Daz Cubbage.

Winner (Loser) of the new trophy for the worst LAG player of 2016/2017 = Tim ‘That’ll Cut’ Wilson.  Tim, please make sure it’s properly cleaned when returned! Say no more!!

This season will be remembered for the following;

  • Handicaps from the start with adjustments mid season (apart from a few unjustified moans I think this worked)
  • 7 (yes Seven!) different leaders of the LAG (Will Del Monte, Tony GAS Moul, Jeff ‘All Talk’ Carter (who had most weeks at the top), The Hurminator, Random Sandom, Steve ‘No Leave ‘Wallace, Dustin ‘Isleworth Slim’ Handcock). A new record I believe, but Nick/Steve can correct me.
  • Newcomers including Jeromy ‘Blue Pedro’ (was away on location last Thursday filming ‘Frolicking in France’), Tim and Tom, Andrew The Hoff, Jeff ‘Mars’ Allsop, and the 10 mates of Jeff including George ‘ Nice Chap’ Paddison
  • Not possible to statistically differentiate between two players on week 8; Cheryl FernanDES and Anthony ‘Dennis’ Taylor on 50% winning rates with the same table stats of 2, 3, 3, 2.
  • January Jokers (biggest winner was Cole Thunder with 9 extra killer points, whilst Nick ‘No Emissions’ PG used his more wisely on -2 for the night!
  • The most inconsistent player = Cole Thunder (there were days when he was unstoppable (Near 100 points win over Steve springs to mind) and other times when he couldn’t hit a barn door.

Lastly I would like to praise four people who were (and remain) instrumental to the LAG and Thursday nights; big thanks to Steve, Daz, Dom and Nick for opening up at 7pm, closing late, being ever supportive, printing the sheets and calculating the tables (in my many absences!).  Thanks guys.

As always feel free to forward on any further suggestions for next seasons LAG which will be commencing after the summer.

See you all soon,